Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Crossdresser's Girlfriend has died.
I am no one's girlfriend now.
An era has ended in more ways than one.
I thought I should weep but I didn't.
I am bothered that I am not more emotional.
I feel cold and heartless.
The truth is I couldn't care for her anymore.
One should know their limitations.
I know mine.
Now I must strip the love from my life.
It's a bit like pulling off a band aid.
This is the first relationship that turned me off from love.
I can't imagine entangling myself in another one.
I am truly free.
I want to stay that way.
This is my last entry.
It would feel random to be writing under a title I no longer hold.
I will not remove.
Not now anyway.
I have found great comfort in blogging and will begin a new one.
If you want to follow, let me know.
Goodbye Friends.


caroline said...

Thought this was going to happen but don't loose all your friends. When you open the next blog, post a link here for all your followers to follow you to your new life. Wishing you the best of luck with it.

Caroline XXX

Melissa said...

Am I clairvoyant, or did I just sense what everyone else was already seeing? For the last couple of months, I could sense your discomfort, and was afraid that this would ultimately happen. I tried to deny it, knowing how much you two had shared over the last couple of years, and how sweet that was!

This really makes me sad! Your crossdresser was a real sweetheart, and you were such a sweetheart in return to her! I just hope that she can make it OK without you, and that you can find fulfillment for yourself without her.

I'm so sorry for both of you!
Melissa XXOO

Jamiegottagun said...

I think I warned you, a long time ago, that this was a big possibility. Bringing out a male's femininity is a wonderful thing for a woman to do, but it is sometimes going to take both parties some place they didn't expect.

I'm very sorry I was right. You two were living for what many of us is only a dream: a girlfriend that actually LIKES our feminine side.

That's so rare. So hard to find.

I'm sad that it ended, for both of you.

I hope you will at least post another blog enumerating the reasons it happened. Not just out of curiousity, but because it might be of help to many others who are dating a female, not to mention other women who find themselves where you are.

I too would like to continue to follow your blog: don't dissapear.

Camels & Cocktails,


AdventuresToBeHad said...

I just, in the last 2 days or so, finished reading your wonderfully insightful and touching blog. My condolences go out to you and to Jeanie.

I am also interested in wanting to continue following your writing in the future-now, whatever direction it may go in. You are an amazingly adept writer and whether the subject matter changes or not, I still have a feeling your writing will be a good read. I also hope that you find it to be cathartic in some way as well.