Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Too Far Gone

Hello Friends.
I woke up at 3 and at 7 I crawled into bed with the crossdresser.
It's a single but the only bed I haven't sold for my freedom.
Some may call it a move but I call things what they really are and I'm buying freedom.
Freedom and the logistics surrounding obtaining freedom is all I can think about.
With everything I sell I feel that much closer.
The house is much emptier and the single bed with a sleeping crossdresser was too cozy to resist crawling into. The pleasure of a crossdresser is sweeter and more divine than a mere mortals.
I could hear rain falling and thunder crashing and I fell into a teenage dream. I opened my back door and found a worn red dirt path that I felt feverishly led to someplace I needed to go. I got in my car but it was too narrow with passing trucks so I took off on a massive bicycle. The road was littered with people and I saw old friends that I had not seen in 20 years but they greeted me and made me smile as if we had never lost touch. Eventually the path led into a covered bridge that led into a restaurant where people were having chicken wings for breakfast and smoking madly. I realized that the path dead ended in the kitchen of this restaurant so I got off the bike only to realize my skimpy night gown was gathered around my middle and I was walking a bicycle in a crowded restaurant with my bare ass showing. It only bothered me for a moment and went back up the dirt path and spoke with young boy peddlers. I awoke before I made it back home.
My workplace feels strange and I don't care to spend much time there. I don't have much time left. I will be giving my notice next week and my last day will be new year's eve. I'm curious as to the reaction of my notice but it will make little difference. I'm too far gone to turn back now-sure that line is from a song but I don't know which one.


caroline said...

Long ago when I made a break for freedom from a job, home and life I had grown to hate I gave my notice at three weeks to the HR who I calculated would be fairly stupid and slow. How slow I could not have guessed. On arriving for my last day the head of my department called me into his office and said he had just had a memo from HR!

I said good bye to a select handful and vanished from their lives.

What do I have to do to get interesting dreams?

Caroline xxx

Lynn Jones said...

I think once you've made your mind up to leave a job, that's it: you are ready to go. A bit like selling a house I suppose :)

What do I have to do to get interesting dreams?

Eat more cheese? :)

Melissa said...

LOL! I would love to have been a patron in that restaurant! Dreams are just nuts! They seem to make so much sense when they are happening, but seem so bizarre when you recall them upon awakening.

Melissa XX