Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pretty In Pink

This morning we held our first yard sale in hopes of getting rid of stuff.
We loaded tons of stuff on to the front lawn and there she sweatshirt, girl jeans, hair pulled back to show off dangle earrings, last night's make up and pink tennis shoes and nails to match. I watch with a non-judgemental eye at how rural people react. There is no reaction. Whether it's a yard sale or a trip to the grocery store, our community doesn't give up the lifetime movie drama you would expect. They are kind and cordial and are careful to keep it very non-gender. I can't say that it's equality but it's gotta mean something or at least it does to me.
The Scene Girl is with us this weekend. She knows we are moving to California and promises to visit in the summer. She is loving and supportive and says she is happy with her Daddy. It feels like I'm being pulled by an invisible force towards the unknown and I pray I'm doing the right things.


caroline said...

You have painted quite a picture in pink, just wonder what a photo would have looked like?

Did you sell any stuff?

I have sat in one place for half a lifetime now, quite envious that my just get up and go spirit got lost. The apathy of stasis replaced by the buzz of adventure!

Caroline xx

Melissa said...

They may have been too polite to say a word, while they were in your presence, but you can be sure that Jeanie was the topic of their discussion as diner tonight! ;-)

Melissa XX

caroline said...

Just woke to the cold light of day to find that my nails which looked so pale last night in lamplight are in fact nearly the colour of your blog! A change from my summer of gold.

Caroline xx

Lynn Jones said...

Nothing like a yard sale to clear out your clutter. :) I hope you made a few bucks out of it too.

Acceptance? Possibly. If there were no stares or finger pointing, that's - I think - progress.