Monday, January 4, 2010

Leaving Carolina

To say the Crossdresser and I are a little tense would be an understatement.
In a matter of weeks, we gave notices, sold or gave away most of our possessions and moved across state on New Year's Eve.
We drove away with a fat debit card and what we could fit in the car.
The landlord has called but I didn't listen to his message.
We left it clean but with a little more than there than when we moved in.
We did the best we could and besides-he kept my deposit for breaking the lease-no hard feelings.
I was feeling pretty good.
I felt free and hopeful.
I'm supposed to be the exception to the rule not the example.
The car started to overheat about half way there.
It was awful.
To find yourself on the side of the road with everything you own.
The boys came running.
I made it to a grocery store parking lot.
It took both cars to put what we had in one.
Shell shocked our way through the New Years.
I didn't anticipate my car breaking down.
It had been running fine the way cars that are paid off run.
Little space and short fuses.
Did I tell you that the Crossdresser quit drinking?
It makes for more fun.
Maybe I'm in over my head but I work well that way.
I added a donate button to my blog.
It's only until I secure a job and get things rolling.
I need your help but won't ask for it.
I believe that things happen in their own short cook way.
I'll cook up something.
I just don't know if we'll survive-the two of us.
Jeanie has shut down in so many ways that I don't know if there is such a thing as recovery.
Love recovery.
Again-I believe things work themselves out as long as we participate in the work and he isn't. He's lazy and grumpy and going through the motions. I'm sending out resumes and doing what I know to do but it's like he doesn't know what to do. He hasn't even looked for a job. He feels like a weight on my back when he should be helping me.
Chariots race in my mind.


Jamiegottagun said...

Just been catching up on your life, after getting back on line recently.

Wow! A lots been going on. Good luck on your adventure! You'll make it.

Lynn Jones said...

Wow, that's quite an adventure - not all of it pleasant either. Glad to hear you got out okay tho. I'll keep my fingers crossed over the job front. :)