Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coloring outside of the Lines

When I grow up, I wanna be a suicide girl. Last night, the Crossdresser and I watched The First Tour. I was so turned on and inspired at the same time. What gorgeous creatures! I love the unapologetic nature of their sexuality. As it would could should be. I had no choice but to order myself a couple of wigs including a blue one. When I was a little girl, I always colored barbie's hair blue in the coloring books. I wish I had asked why. I just thought it was pretty. It is pretty.

I called Cousin David and Mark this morning. Our friend George is visiting. They are hitting Gay Pride and late they plan to see Percy Sledge. My Daddy sent word to them that they shouldn't get excited until he makes it on stage. He paid nice money to see him sing in the 70s and he was too drunk to be worth the trip there.

Mark got on the phone and asked if I was really going to move in with them. I told him yes. He said my room would be across the hall from his. He's a silly sweet thing who likes to remind me that he'll do and say anything while on ambien. He tried to like girls until one almost came in front of him which he found extremely traumatising. I think he should have found it traumatising that he was already engaged and had YET to see her cum. He said that my resume received a good response from Human Resources at his Government Job. I told him I had kick ass skills. He said "Yeah. That's what they thought at Popeye's. I put you in for a Chicken Fry Job." I'm going to mail him a pair of dirty panties for that one.
I feel free in thought and clear in vision for the first time in a long time. Our only limits are the ones that we set for ourselves and I refuse to have those anymore. Jeanie says I should return to work and act as a Super Hero-flying into the President's office and demanding change for the spotty ants on the ground. It doesn't take a sparkly word from Gorgeous Girl to know that this is divine and true for me. I cannot go without speaking out for those without voice. It might help. It might not. I will do what I feel to be fair and honorable.
Today I won't think about it. I will think of feeling better. I will shop for fruit and wine and other things crossdressers can devour. Later we might go out for dinner with her boss. She'll wear boy clothes but even then she just looks like a tomgirl. I see the girl even when the girl isn't trying. I should resent the fact that as a straight woman, I will never be attracted to men again but instead I just feel completely loved.


Lynn Jones said...

Are you planning to get the ink to go with the fabby hair?

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

I recently heard Margart Cho explain her body art by saying she decided to be a suicide girl so-mmm..maybe.

Jaye Schmus said...

I don't know that I could pull off (or afford) so much ink, but if that's what you like...