Friday, September 25, 2009

Hometown Angst

When I'm confused about my direction, I always go thumbing a ride to Childhood drive. I truly believe that we are born knowing and our true sense of direction is known more at four than at forty. I don't think that four year old would be entirely disappointed in me. I've done a lot of cool things that mirrored my childhood games. In those games, I was always going to far away places I read about in books and heard about on Sadie's "Program" (also known as All My Children).

I spent years in far away places like Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC, and such. My roots and accent were never lost but my wings became less strong. I suffered a breaking of the heart and a little girl asked to have both her parents in one silly place and I gave into that. Selflessness is important and now that same child has chosen to live with the other parent. Last night Cousin David reminded me that I told her once that if she ever left that I was "so out of here!!!" And I am. I'm done with North InACarol.

My lessons are learned here and I'm leaving without a debt. All of my bills are living expenses. There is absolutely nothing holding me back except myself. The Crossdresser says she would follow me anywhere and she's the only one I owe anything to.

I miss the Boys a lot. Cousin David and Mark have expressed their desire for me to start fresh with them in Richmond, Virginia and this is my new goal. I have to get this surgery out of the way. We'll give notice, find boxes and start fresh.

It's decided.


Jaye Schmus said...

You've just given me another reason to stay in Virginia. Here's to changes for the better.

Lynn Jones said...

Deciding what to do can be tricky, but once you've set your heart on it, the release from the decision can be very welcome.

Good luck with the surgery, BTW :)

Melissa said...

Yay! You're moving to Virginia! Hope you're feeling better, sweetie.

Melissa XX