Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I went back to work yesterday.
It was fast and easy.  Maybe too easy.  The boss was so nice to me that it freaked me out.  Despite the fact I often feel overlooked and taken for granted I truly believe someone doesn't think I am and let him know so.  He's a spoiled child.  I don't believe for a second that he was that kind because he has a heart.  He even gave me the $100 for being top sales support in August.  It's two weeks late but it showed up.
Today I meet with the surgeon.  None of the women in my family have their gall bladders.   These days it's an out patient surgery.  I remember going to sit with Sadie at the hospital when she had hers out in the 80's.  Back then you were in the hospital for a few days so I'm sure she would tell me to be grateful. 
My last blog gave the impression I was looking to get all inked out.  I'm bit too far gone for that.  That's a 20 something behavior to me but a prize showed up in the mail that I cannot wait to try on.  I ordered some tattoo panty hose with the amazon gift card the boys gave me for my birthday.  I put my hand in one just to get a feel for the look and it's great.  A great illusion.  I have to make sure that the Scene Girl doesn't see them!  It's bad enough that the Crossdresser has.  She says  "I can't wait to take pictures in those!"  
And does she love pictures.  She especially loves to take pictures when I do her hair and make up.  She must have thousands of photos.  She takes all these photos and makes all of these videos without rhyme or reason and yet maybe one day she'll think to compile them and share them with others.  I think it would make a great tale.
Our girlfriend Manji came over Saturday night.  She finds our relationship curious and we try to answer the obvious questions.  Like her boyfriend made the assumption that Jeanie grew up without a father.  The fact is he grew up with a great dad and a stay at home mom and a house full of sisters and love.  I think the assumptions are there because crossdressers are so private and protected.  I often think that's part of the fun somehow when I would think it would be the opposite.  I know that when Jeanie and I first met he rarely dressed outside his apartment but I changed all of that.  I forced him out and then it became something he wanted to take further and further.  We've went out fully dressed to restaurants, clubs, shopping...there are still a few limits.  Gee is all guy at work and around my family though most know that he crossdresses. 
I've been dressing up and taking photos since 7th grade.  It never occured to me that all girls haven't experienced this but Manji has not so I didn't just dress up Jeanie this weekend but also got the chance to pull out a lot of diva in Manji.  I love drawing out someone's beauty with shading and color. 
I wish I had photos of Jeanie from this weekend but I didn't upload them on my laptop. 


Lynn Jones said...

Cool photo. Nothing like a photo session and a bit of glamour indulgence to clear away the cobwebs.

Sheen V said...

Beautiful photo!