Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brad Pitt for Mayor

If Brad Pitt becomes the Mayor of New Orleans, I'm moving.
No ifs, ands or buts.
I can't be bothered to explain why.
Google it.
I just needed to state that.
It's very good to state things.
Words have power but more to the point, giving thoughts efflected voice bring about the birth of blessings.
In other words, it makes all your wildest dreams come true.
These days I hear it being called The Law of Attraction.
My people were quicker to call it, "Speaking it into Existence".
Life is good these days for the Crossdresser and Me and the floppy eared Imperial Goddess.
We have peace and quiet when we want it.
We wake up together and set about adventures.
We eat sushi and play girlfriends and watch True Blood together.
I make her wear a maid uniform when She cleans the house.
She pulls at my toes for as long as I want.
We work a lot but next paycheck I owe noone and can buy a Miata if I want.
It's red and a convertible just like I talked about.
I want Mandy to move in with us.
I feel this need to protect her and bring her about just like I always talked about.
I feel I have outgrown my job.
I want to start fresh and use all that I have learned about people and find a new place to rule.
I dreamed I seduced a short haired red-haired 19 year old. I knew she was too young but I could not resist playing with her on my knees while she layed sprawled on her bed. It was over much too fast.
I dreamed I hung out with MY Company President and two nights later I walked into a Wine Bar and there He was. I have great admiration for him. He's not quite human to me. That's probably a dangerous perspective. I've done this in the past only to be disappointed to learn people really are ...just people. They are capable of the same fucked-up behavior as you display and it gets you in the pit of your peach fuzzy heart.
I have taken off my birthday for the first time since I began at my job.
I also took a week off in October to gallivant off to finish unfinished business.
Only I realized lately that the unfinished business IS done.
It's over and there's nothing to run off to work on.
I'm also thinking that my job is to go out in new directions.
I'd like to end up someplace new and unguarded.
I want to find a yard to run and play and go inside when the street lights come on.
I liked California.
Chicago but there's nothing left to do there.
Gia doesn't like Florida while it suited me just fine.
I want to be closer to Cousin Mark and David.
I want to jump in the Miata and meet them for coffee.
Today they stopped in.
We ate Veggie pizza and I explained why I know I'm much older now.
Physical changes have began and I'm okay with that.
It's alright if you hold it up to the light just right.
Thursday night I painted pottery and told the girls what it's like to live with a crossdresser.
I never know who I'm coming home to.
I might find Jesus. I might find Angelina Jolie.
Either way I win.
Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans!

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