Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm always busy reinventing myself and occasionally I suffer from growing pains. I set such high expectations on myself and it's exhausting. I'm tired. Last night Gia said, "Do us all a favor and just relax a minute."
Who is us?
The thing is I could be better.
I just know I could and I don't mind pushing myself in that direction if I could just stay on track and not get lost...not get frustrated.
The one grand area I have no problem with is with Gia and therefore, I will meet her request.
I will relax for a minute.

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Jaye Schmus said...

It's always nice to kick back and breathe, just breathe (like the song). I treated myself to a $10 massage yesterday, and it was heavenly. It's always amazing how enervating it can be to relax and put yourself completely under someone else's power.