Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tori Amos

The CrossDresser went to a Tori Amos concert on Friday night. Adam had an extra ticket and I am not a fan. I find her mystical and dig on some of her phrases, but I haven't fallen for her as so many people in my circle have. After the concert they stood in the rain for two hours hoping to see her board the tour bus. She never did.
"If she had asked me to get on the bus, would it have been okay?"
Finally. Sweet Girl finally admitted to being attracted to another woman.
Personally, I find these things healthy while not quite identifying any current crushes of my own. There is a guy at work but I've been fond for years so I consider him to be unfinished business. We almost had a thing until he learned his ex girlfriend was pregnant. I respect him for resuming the relationship though I'm aware that it's far from a happily ever after. I think it's mostly physical though. Lust in a pink haze. When we talk I get bored.
Nothing boring about Gia though we don't have a need to talk all the time. Sometimes we just yell across the house to check in with one another. When she isn't home-I miss her crazy. It's a relaxing day with Gia coming home and Adam on the way.
Adam is my favorite straightest gay friend ever. He surrounds himself with straights while I surround myself with gays. It's a hoot. He's coming over to catch up on True Blood. He just moved into a new apartment with a new love (but that's a complicated story) and he doesn't come over as often as I wish he would.
When he does I'm always inspired to burn incense and cook exotic dishes. It's a perfect day to enjoy what I have. Tomorrow I can aspire to all that I want. Today I am grateful for love and peace and sweet leisure.
I wanted to go blond but now I'm not so sure.
Maybe I should keep the scarlet.
Like Tori. (wink)


Melissa said...

Although I have never been to one of her concerts, nor bought any of her CD's, I have seen Tori Amos on TV a couple of times, and I really liked her.

I'm trying to picture you as a blond, but I just can't see it. Try a blond wig first, before you go bleaching your own hair out. You may not like it. I always thought I wanted to go blond, but anything more than blond highlights just doesn't suit my coloring. I'll bet you look great with red hair.


Jaye Schmus said...

Obligatory post apology comment. I've been listening to Tori a bit lately. I don't know as I'd go on the bus with her, but I'd like to interview her. I've assembled a rough collection of questions, based on stuff I've read in her interviews, or anecdotal stuff, and I'd love to have them answered.

I need to come over and catch up on "True Blood". I've just gotten into it, and the season's almost over.

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Well, I have never been to a Tori Amos concert, but I can say that must be a very nice experience, since I have heard her live versions and they're great.