Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Despite joining Blogger a month before the Crossdresser, Jeanie has 3 more followers than me.
We have different appeals, I suppose.
It still doesn't mean you should follow me already so I can prove I'm loved.
I do get more comments and emails.
Many of you have sent greetings concerning our move and a few curiosities.
Where are we moving?
San Diego.
In a way, I feel I've always known that's where I was going.
Do you get into numerology.
Well, according to numerology, I'm in a 9 year cycle that ends in 2010.
I didn't get to enjoy San Diego nearly long enough the last time.
I snuck out at dusk to return to my karma cycle.
As that cycle has come to a close, life has been interesting.
Not abundant in some ways and yet rich in others.
I am a lot smarter and cleaner.
I owned up to a lot.
I took a lot.
I feel I've paid my debt and can move on to a greater experience.
A few years back I lived in San Diego but it was just a soft place to land.
It was easy and I knew it couldn't last but it was an easy fit.
I dated alot and made good friends I still talk to.
Now is a perfect time to lay new claim to happiness.
In a way, I'm terrified.
Nobody is going to hire me over the phone so I have to go without employment.
In the same way it's very exciting.
I'm liquidating everything I own for a shot to be where I wanna be and seek out my future.
You have to applaud me for sheer nerve.
That and I'm sick of being beat up and watching others take their licks at my job.
I'm trying to be very non-violent and yet inside I'm raging.
I can't act out.
I have to glide out gracefully though I will have to unclinch my fists and cover my mouth.
Jeanie is the good pet and says she'll follow me anywhere.
I found a trans support group in our new neighborhood (hillcrest...where else would we live?)
I think Jeanie is a lot more real and honest about herself than most.
Maybe she can be an inspiration to others.
She's been talking about another crossdresser.
I know that she longs to have a friend.
Most of our friend are beautiful gay boys and one gender girl.
No one to relate to.
Though my crossdresser has plenty of novelty.
We've talked about Jeanie trying to find employment as a girl.
If you can't try in California, where can you try?
It's a new start and my girl would be so happy to throw away all of her male clothes.
I love her so much that it makes little difference to me.
She's too far gone to ever turn back.
I'll never see her as a male.
If I want that, I'll have to look elsewhere.
Sometimes I do.
Just in thought so far.
Sometimes a girl likes the thought of a 70s porno vanilla straight sexuls afternoon.
I think I'll chase the girl in the pink dress now....


caroline said...

There is not much to see in life if you are living in a hole so what do you have to loose and being california girls is supposed to be so much fun.

Not jealous or anything but 49 is a huge number from my perspective!

Caroline XXX

Melissa said...

Going west to seek one's fame and fortune is a cherished American tradition, and not a move for the faint hearted, but when have you ever been faint hearted?. I wish you the best of luck!

I hope you and Jeanie have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa XX