Friday, November 13, 2009


Lately, we've noticed peculiar things.
A candle that had been sitting on the TV for days, flew off and landed on the floor two feet away while a friend and I were having a chat on the couch.
Our dog communicates with thin air and alerts us to it's presence.
In Virginia, I acquired a very strange ceramic piece painted in 1978 by a Jenny Coates.
I named him Richard.
He wears a red robe trimmed in green and rocks a long goatee. There is a goat's head strung on string around his neck, a money pouch around his waist, and a dagger in his right hand. He's evil for sure but I'm not sure why this woman painted him in ceramics class or where she would have found a mold for this particular guy. He's got a certain energy and I wanted him immediately and Cousin David had no choice but give him to me. I wanted to put him with my Geishas but he's too tall for the chef. He sits on a corner shelf overlooking the room.
My kitchen is trashed. Adam decided to make yummy pumpkin pecan chocolate chip cookies. I reminded Jeanie of the rule. I don't have many rules but the kitchen must always be clean before bed. I can't stand to wake up to a mess. Tonight she is feisty and flirty and has had way too much too drink. I promise I will bind and gag you and leave you with a water dish in the bathroom all day if I wake up to a mess. She laughs and says I'm a tease.
And yet, there she is tidying up like a regular house mop.
I experienced a disappointment this week; one I share with no one. A heavy cloud of discontent sat over me. And yet I survived. And yet I thrived. Friends called. Loved ones came by. A young guy at work hands me a book and said he thought I would like it. It was written by a Buddhist Monk I quite admire. I have read his work but not this particular book and I was touched that this quiet boy had honored me in such a way. I snuck off to a Chinese buffet and read the forward by the Dalai Lama. A precious gift.
I bought myself a vintage silver ring with a moonstone as it's center piece. Moons ago I had a moonstone necklace and I had the most curious adventures when I wore it. People seemed to be especially drawn to me and I made friends of strangers quite easily. I lost it somewhere between California and North Carolina. I lost a lot of things crossing the country and wrote letters in the backs of many bibles. I received emails from those who read my letters for quite a few years after those words were written. I wondered if they tore them out or just wrote my email address down so others could discover me in New Mexico, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Kentucky.
Adam gave me an obscure Marilyn Monroe movie on DVD.
I worked hard and worked hard at forgetting about it in the evenings. A few nights I can't remember going to bed.
The Crossdresser asked why I wasn't feeling sexy lately.
I don't know the answer to that one.
I'm just not?
I would just like to make other things.
Plans. Dreams. Flights to far away places.
A ride on a train in large sunglasses and leather gloves and big red lips.
Life is beautiful even when its not.
When you don't get what you wanted more than anything.
When you got all that you ever need.

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