Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I love having morning coffee with Cousin David. Even a morning without coffee because SOMEBODY forgot to buy creamer with a phone call from Cousin David is good.

This morning, he told me about a conversation with his sister. His sister told of how a few of her husbands relatives got drunk and admitted visiting a trio of transsexuals from time to time. His sister immediately saying that she knew they were gay. Dave told her that's not necessarily true. I said it was absolutely not true. I know a few transsexuals who are more feminine than David's sister though we are almost identical and she could be really diva if she wanted but it's not a matter of genes but laziness.

Sexual preference isn't nearly as simple as Stephanie believes it to be. She hasn't been exposed to as much sexuality as Cousin David and I. Straights tend to keep their business in glass jars inside their heads and rarely break them out with honesty. Otherwise, they wouldn't be straights anymore would they?

Yeah, I'm with a guy but that doesn't make me a straight. I gave up on straights years ago and gave up their teachings soon after. If I'm with a guy but he looks, loves and walks it like a girl, how does that make me straight?

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Melissa said...

Well, some people still don't know that sexual preference and gender identity are not one and the same. Most of the male to female transsexuals I've known, remain attracted to the sex they were attracted to as males, whether that was boys or girls.

There is nothing wrong with not being straight, Joni. Like Mac Davis used to sing, "Everybody's Beautiful In Their Own Way"

Melissa XX