Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Girl? Bad Boy?

Deep down, I think Matt is fascinated by my alternative lifestyle.
A submissive himself, I taunt him with sweet sordid details.
Today we had lunch together in the break room.
He complained that I don't eat my sushi correctly. I tell him soy is too salty; it's yummy and spicy and that's what matters.
I told him about how we lost Jeanie's breasts to my 13 year old who hasn't grown her own yet.
"Does Jeanie wear women's underwear all the time?"
"Unless he's being punished."
He laughed. It's true though. He enjoys all things feminine. I haven't found the one revolving fascination like most CDs have. For some it seems to be panty hose, others shoes, but for him it's everything though he has a thing for corsets maybe a little more than most.
To take any quality of femininity away from him is punishment and this plays with me. I hate to deny him anything but I don't think I've been strict enough lately. He's leaving me little hints that he's longing for me to put my high heeled foot smack down on the middle of his back and take a stroll.
Hints like not keeping the house as tidy as I like. The laundry is behind and my my clothes are clumsily out of order (color coded by garment type-tank tops to full length dresses and coats). I was late to work on Friday because my favorite pair of jeans were mingled in a stack of his jeans. Lazy has replaced his obedience. He's whining at simple requests....like a brat...like a boy and I'm at the end with all this bad behavior.
I am not sure as to what is required. Take away his panty and bra privileges? Spank his bottom a pretty pink?


Petra Bellejambes said...

O you saucy thing! In my younger years CD fantasy often had a little Dom/sub drama in the scenario. Sometimes in a real life setting, more often just between my ears.

I think that for many, this kink diminishes with time, and so my gentle advice to you....

enjoy it. To the fullest. To be skillfully ensnared in a lacey trap is a punishment to be most ardently hoped for, and never made easily available.

I suspect that you are reading Jeannie correctly. Perhaps its time for some safe words. Cheers - P

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

I related Petra's message about safe words to Jeanie.
He said, "I don't believe in SAFE WORDS."

Petra Bellejambes said...

Then full speed ahead brave girls! Girlfriend, you have carte blanche to really explore not only your own limits, but the limits of your Jeannie. How special for you both. Do keep your friends and followers posted, won't you?

XOXO - Petra

chosha said...

No safe words = I don't care what happens to me. That is not mere submission. It's a harmful psychological perspective.

This is where I stop reading this blog. It just makes me feel sad. Sorry to say that, but there should be limits to harm. Even desired harm.