Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekends go by so quickly.
I want to crawl back into bed with Jeanie and swear off Monday all together but the show must go on. Jeanie has to go to work too. I think Jeanie is enjoying his change of occupation. He hasn't said so, but I think being an office girl suits him. My office has been so busy, but I'm enjoying all the growth and change. My boss allows me to be creative and I'm looking forward to tearing down the high school dance streamers and hearts and going with a new theme: March Madness.

Last night I colored my hair. By all rights, my hair has been dark as night for months but I finally went full fledged Bettie Paige black. Paired with my light eyes, the look is drastic and dreamy. I'm not sure why I spent so many years playing a blonde. I'm not a blonde in the least.

Over the weekend, Jeanie and I made a new friend. She approached Jeanie of course, as Jeanie is all over the place. At first she made small talk but soon she admitted that she had seen the two of us out. She's tall and gorgeous and very sweet. We took turns passing the phone back and forth and I'm looking forward to knowing her better.

Is it time for work already?

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