Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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The Crossdresser will be home in half and hour. I prefer to come home to him instead of the other way around. I thought I would miss my alone time when he moved in but I just find myself watching the clock and missing him so much when he's at work. I can't wait until he gets home. I might even join the Bearded Ladies in the happy! happy! joy! joy! dance they put on by the door every night when he returns home. My dogs just adore Jeanie. They've deserted My Scene Girl and I wake up every morning to find them getting their cuddle on with him and plotting on how they can kick me out of bed altogether. I swear that I hear them giggle when I get up and leave them to move up to my pillow and lovingly watch him sleep and wait for his eyes to flutter open and start their day. Jeanie is loved.

Lately, maybe too much.

I am certain that he must be exhausted. For the last week, my libido has been racey even in my own frame of sexual measure. I am in a constant state of arousal. It just feels so good to be in or around or above or behind my gorgeous one. It's almost taken on a feeling of vampire love...almost as if I'm feeding on his bloody soul. Creepy. I'll stop.

Tonight I watched Changling and I can totally recommend it. It's coincidental as I have been reading alot of conspiracy theories on a little boy who disappeared in 1982. He became the poster boy for missing children and the first to be on milk cartons. I saw his face a lot as a kid. He was only 3 years older and it was around this time that adults began an open dialogue with their kids that must have went something along the lines of, "Santa Claus isn't real, we smoked pot in high school and oh, it's better that you stay inside and play Ms. Pacman because there are really scary people just waiting to throw you in the car and do awful things to you...." Well, it was for me. A whole loss of innocence thing took place. Johnny was kidnapped and he was on the news every night while I ate dinner. The following year a classmate of mine was taken to the school auditorium and raped by a sex offender who had been out of prison for only 6 days. My mother showed back up after two years of no contact with my sister and I with a brand new husband who thought he'd try to make us his brides too. Another classmate got pregnant at 12 years old. I didn't know what to make of it all and still, the news asked "Where's Johnny Gosch?" Unlike a lot of missing children cases, there were leads, strange phone calls, packages on the poor mother's door steps and visits from other children who claimed they had been held captive in a powerful pedophile ring ran by members of high government, church, finance and celebrity status. These children said that Johnny Gosch had been held captive too.
The Internet is absolutely saturated with information about Johnny Gosch. There is so much information out there, it's hard to say what is fact and what is fabricated and I keep waiting. I want to believe he's out there and someday he'll get to tell his truth.
But for now...
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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