Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've had a touch of the blues for a few days now. I can only compare it to having PMS: swollen,tired, irritated and quick to say the ugly things I'm usually too kind to say. Only, I don't have PMS. It then occurred to me I felt sort of similar last year as I was preparing to vacation in Orlando. I didn't have a reason to be blue then either. I thought it might be the new meds I'm taking to quit smoking. Today I decided not to take my fat girl pill and felt loads better. I worried I would have the appetite of a lumber jack and zero energy but the opposite was true PLUS I felt my normal self which was wonderful.
I had lunch with Jeanie and Adam. We went to Ten-Ya's for loads of sushi; it was so yum. It's an extravagant treat. I went over my lunch hour but pay it no mind. Today was Admin Day and my boss asked to take me to lunch before I told him that I already had a date. He said, "I don't get turned down on dates" and I replied that I don't usually turn down a date! He got out of buying me lunch, I brought him a lovely Shrimp Bento upon my return and everyone was happy!
Jeanie bit the bullet and finally gave up his NY Drivers License for a New Home State Drivers License and...he did it with perfectly tweased eye brows and makeup! He would have looked totally girl if his hair had not been pulled back in a pony tail. Oh my crossdresser!
He's on the floor-we're half watching Sex and the City movie while I write this and he puts everything into his new pink wallet which fits perfectly into his neutral brown man bag. It's lovely. He's lovely...
I bought a little something as well. After relentless comments-both positive and negative, I have decided to give up my unnaturally black hair. I'm in a restless mood and suddenly, the thought of deep scarlet locks appeals to me. This will be a time consuming process but hopefully it will be worth it. I'm hoping to have it completed before we go to see Collective Soul on Saturday night! It feels good to feel good again...!

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chrissie said...

Deep scarlet...!! Wow..!!!

You'll look great!

Send a pic, Joni... :)

love and kisses,