Monday, April 20, 2009

Listed Under Things That Just Aren't Natural

On Saturday night, we enjoyed a lovely time out with our friend Adam.
The Scene Girl was expected to return on Sunday morning and as I found myself telling Jeanie to remove nailpolish, put on socks, take off that shirt, take off the girl....
He asked why. I told him that The Scene Girl's Aunt was bring her home and would definitely come in. But why? Her Aunt's husband is a total homophobic. Jeanie says, "But I'm not gay." And I said "But you fall into the cracks of that category". Jeanie asks, "I fall into the Gay Category?"
Adam spoke up and said, "You fall into the list of things that just aren't natural."
I felt awful for making him go all butch.
This once shy Crossdresser has found such comfort in his girl mode that I find myself having to tell him how much is too much...the when and why and where and hows of what is cool and what isn't.
Who am I to say?
While The Scene Girl is accepting of Jeanie, I know that she would prefer not to answer questions to the outside world. And Jeanie knows.
It doesn't seem any less wrong to me.
It's funny...I know so many women who are so butch and it's never question. Why can't men be fem and follow under the same columns instead of ending up on dreaded lists of things that just.aren't.natural.....


Jaye Schmus said...

It does suck, having to go back and forth between femme and butch. If I'm not "natural", so be it. I can lump "natural" in with "normal", "sane" and all those other adjectives I turned my back on so long ago.

chrissie said...

The trouble with being TS, of TG, or CD, is not the "condition" itself, Joni. The problem is always "other people" and how they react to it.

It's wrong, it's unfair, but it's a sad reality.

Lynn Jones said...

> that just aren't natural

Ooo, you mean like technology, modern healthcare, cars, living beyond 60? :-)

But I think cross-dressing is natural. It's something that just happens to some of us. No-one told me to do it, I - like a few others - found that it felt right. That's natural to us isn't it? :-)