Friday, April 3, 2009


While I'm Southern at the very core of my being, I have been around.
I'm fairly well traveled.
I've lived in Chicago, San Diego, and Washington DC. In each place I learned to mingle with the natives and charm them with my differences.
I have a great capacity for change.
I lasted less than 4 hours in New York.
Being treated poorly and change are two different animals.
Jeanie was not willing to put me through it even if that meant pissing off his entire family (though they are not much of a family in my opinion).
We returned to Virginia to the comfort of Cousin David's new home and will be returning home later today.
I've enjoyed a lot of relaxation, and wonderful shopping!
We have loads of new clothes and shoes and accessories!
I can hardly wait to show off my new throw togethers.
No one will ever believe where they were found and how little I paid.
This trip has strengthened my trust and love in The Crossdresser.
If I had any doubts about his love and devotion, they no longer exist.


Chrissie said...

Welcome back, Joni....

Chrissie said...

ps I'll email you later...

Lynn Jones said...

Ahh, that's sweet. Nice to read that you had a good time away.

Cassidy Brynn said...

Very good...the south's warm breath suits you all