Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm not so hard to find

I am a googler. I google everything. I've googled myself but all I found was a doctor, a real estate agent and Joni Mitchell. I'm not so hard to find though. Search for crossdresser girlfriend and you'll see more of me than you ever wanted to. If I wanted to be anonymous, I didn't succeed. I could cover my tracks but why? I love this crazy life of mine and someone has to share it.


Stephanie said...

I tried to Google myself and got my little sisters school classmates blog. She hasn't had the Flettshock name in over 20yrs. I thought that I'd have gotten me since I'm the only one I know of with that last name, and it's going to die with me. I'm the last. Guess that makes me the 'one and only'. lol

chrissie said...

How could Someone with a heart as big as North Carolina be hard to find?