Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sister Goldenhair

The Scene Girl called Jeanie and asked for a pick up.
As we removed the diamond earrings, nail polish, girl jeans and the like, I realized that it takes longer to make him into a boy than a girl these days. Yesterday he went to the grocery store in an Indian inspired orange tank top and Capri's so obviously, we're not so concerned in what manner he chooses to present himself to the world.
The one exception is on the occasions that concern my thirteen-year-old daughter. She accepts Jeanie, but still fears what others will think so when she is involved, he tries to dress butch. He's hot as a boy or a girl-though I find myself more sexually attracted when he is dressed as a girl.
I could care less what others think or is that totally correct? I've been open and honest with those I'm close to. I realize that gossip has made it possible for those I'm no longer close to but share a common blood line to form opinions and express them to others. Mostly these opinions come through Cousin David. I have to ask if he's trying to hurt me more than inform me. I don't tell him what I hear about him , so why does he want to tell me what our disfunked family has to say about my gorgeous Jeanie?
My whole life I've wanted someone who would be my hero; one who would take sides, put me before others and refuse to let me down. Who cares if that hero looks more like Wonder Woman than Super Man?
Silly little detail.


Chrissie said...

I asked E to read this one, Joni....


Stephanie said...

I think we should all go back to being naked. Then, only your mind would be judged. ...uh, and the size of your!

Lynn Jones said...

I'm not sure which takes longer, the getting ready or the... umm... getting un-ready! :)

Chrissie said...

Steph said.. "and the size of your!