Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hot Mama

On the way to work I got a call that the scene girl wasn't feeling well. I turned around and headed to the middle school. Next year she will be a freshman in high school and I wonder where it all went. I would say that the last few months have been the hardest as a Mother. She has always been walking talking JOY. From the moment she was born she awoke happy and fell asleep content with very little derivative in between. I gave her all my love as only a mother of one child can while giving her a love of fashion flare and a lust for independence sprinkled in wander dust.
Teenage hormones are a bitch.
Suddenly my darling girl has cocked her head with discontent and absolute contempt in her eyes when she is forced to look at me. This is the same child who loved to sit and watch while I put on my face in the morning and when I was through she would say, "You look just like Bella!" That child is being held captive by hormonal angst and I can't save her. Only time will release her and I only hope I'm there to meet her when she makes parole.
I got to the school and made my way up the sidewalk to the administration building. I could hear cat calls coming from the classroom windows but I didn't look. At least...not until a little boy voice yelled, "Hi Scene Girl's Mom!" I stopped in mid-step, waved and said hello back.
When Scene Girl arrived at the office, she told me that all the boys in her class thought I was one hot Mama. She said they all ran to the window to watch me walk down the sidewalk in my clingy dress and heels. When she told them that I was her Mom, her teacher said, "She sure knows how to work it."
This whole scenario pleased her to no end. She said, "We look just alike! If I wore heels and a dress everyday, 8th grade boys would think I was hot too!" For a whole minute she washed me in adoration....this hormonal beast that has locked away my daughter was really digging on the way I could capture attention without even trying and I gave her the certainty that she could do the same.
She might not ever learn to strut but she is one helluva actress. She convinced her teacher to call me when she was perfectly well.


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Lynn Jones said...

That's a good story. Hoping the raging, torrent of teenage hormones will ebb... and she'll be your daughter once again.

Stephanie said...

It took about 14 yrs. and a teenage girl of her own before my youngest came to her mother and said, "You were right." Hope it doesn't take that long for you to hear it! And I hate to tell you this, but they still give you grief no matter how old they are. About a month ago, she rolled her Mustang over 4 times on a rain slick highway. ...sigh Whatcha gonna do! lol