Sunday, May 3, 2009

Point of Interest

My interests vary.
I'm always trying on new ideas and concepts and past times. I try my best to squeeze in those interests between a very busy job and all of my girls at home: 1 teenager, 1 cross dresser and 2 bearded ladies.
It is not easy to do and lately, I haven't had a lot of time to post updates here though there has been just as much to write about.
I can pick and choose my interests but Jeanie cannot.
His pursuit of all things female seems to consume him. Everything revolves around his crossdressing which I've grown to believe is more than just crossdressing. I think he truly longs to be a girl and part of me thinks well, he should be maybe then he could have new interests but I read your blogs and know that isn't true. It never stops. Not really.
For the last week, I've made him dress butch. My daughter has growing pains which those of you that are parents know revolves around hating parental figures. While she wouldn't discuss her issues Jeanie and I decided that he would not dress in front of her for a while. Her mood is better; Jeanie's has grown worse. All weekend he has been moody and terribly sensitive. He recently began using an herbal product from Thailand in hopes of being more feminine and I'm wondering if this is not effecting his moods or maybe it's just the fact that I've inhibited his form of expression.
Life is bumpy but even at its worst it is truly the best of times. I feel so complete in Jeanie's company that even an hour away from him seems too long.


Cassidy Brynn said...

wow...I feel for you. W/r/t the herbal's possible. I've read about other girls who have used herbal products, and the results are real, but take a long time to come to fruition. Probably her mood is due to restricting her femininty, unfortunately. But that's part of the times one must restrict themselves for the better. Be it gender, or drink, or religion or golf....sending some chill vibes your way girl

Stephanie said...

My only thought thoughout my entire life has been about me being transsexual. If Jeanie is, she has my sympathy. She will be fighting with those feelings all her life. I can't be sure, but I believe that even SRS wouldn't stop this battle in my head. Talk with her about it, hold her hand.

caroline said...

TALK TALK TALK. My mother only wanted to know if I was gay, when I said no, well not in the way she thought, she was satisfied and fled happy. I thought that was going to be the moment I unburdened my soul and was left standing a quivering wreck. We never came close to any discussion ever again, part of me has hated her my whole life for that abandonment and lack of interest in my well being. If I had been on fire I would not have been any more obviously in need of some serious help. They could never understand why I just left home.

Lynn Jones said...

Everything revolves around his crossdressing...Ignoring the crossdressing bit, Jeanie's a guy first and us blokes... well, we can be very singular in our hobbies. Sports, mechanics, computing, reading, DIY, etc.

Chuck that level of interest *and* couple that with the history of having to keep his crossdressing quiet, you may find things go up a notch once in a while.

Going from 'femme weekends' to butch mode, can be a big drop. That could explain his change in mood.

I think, for what it's worth, that Caroline's comment of TALK TALK TALK can't be understated.