Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh Drats

My Crossdresser is a ready view and that was lucky for me. While dating another crossdresser, I decided to look up the interaction of crossdressers with their girlfriends-to see if crossdressers even had girlfriends-and there he was. I spent a whole Friday night watching his videos. A couple of days later, I bumped into him on Myspace and the rest is genderblended history...OUR HISTORY.

I openly admit that I don't watch his videos with quite the same diligence as when we first met. I get around to it-love and clap for them-but it might take a week. Today, I wanted to see a video he posted showing a full transition from male to female. I spent 20 minutes searching before we realized his account had been suspended...again!

The funny thing is that he was suspended for the very first video he ever posted which is oh...been on youtube 3 years! Three years later, someone was terribly offended at the belt tied around my Crossdresser's feet. Uh, yeah, he kind of bends that way.

The videos are wildly popular. What's interesting is that besides you tube, the videos are most viewed from my page! Maybe that makes me wildly popular too!

In other weird news, the old friend in the dream showed up about three days later. He asked to call and we spoke in unspecific terms. It was sad to hear that his companies were suffering in these hard times. It was sad to make chit chat with someone I used to tell everything to. I didn't tell him about the Crossdresser and he didn't tell me who he has been keeping time with. Two points of light acknowledging one another from across the Universe. It is best to merely tip hats with those that are Icons in your history. You really don't want to know that life went on or more to the point of life moving on beautifully.

I off to get pretty and pleasing. Paulie called and invited us over for a night of games and drinks. I am all about games and the Crossdresser is excited because I'm going to dress him up like a doll.

Is it strange that I never refer to the crossdresser as SHE or HER or any of that girlie business?

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