Sunday, May 10, 2009


The Crossdressser didn't want to go to Paulie's.
I was okay with that.
The Crossdresser didn't want to get dressed.
I was okay with that.
Only I wanted to dress.
I have no pictures since I went red.
Feeling funky, I dolled the face, rolled the hair, and put on black undies, fishnets and heels.
I asked the Crossdresser to take photos.
The photos were horrible. I can't decide if he just sucks at taking photos or if my looks suck.
I looked fine in the mirror.
This sent me on a tangent of pity.
Where is the balance?
I paint and photo and prance him perfectly.
Why can't he do the same for me?
When I ask him for these simple pleasures he says he can't.
Obviously he will add photos to this list.
The whole thing left me feeling unattractive.
While I like to think I gave up my vanity, I obviously have not.
Maybe I'm just an old queen but I think I will cover the mirrors for a while until I'm ready to shoot some photos -on my own of course.
I've always had to do things on my own.
Moving a Crossdresser in hasn't changed that-not really.


Lynn Jones said...

Photos of yourself (oneself?) are tricky. Bad lighting, a hasty shot or you just not feeling right when the photo is taken can, I think, all add up to a 'bad shoot'.

Chuck into the mix that we search out the flaws in a picture of ourselves. On bad days we see what we've lost, rather than what we've still got.

Pull down the drapes and put it down to bad luck. It doesn't look like you're losing it from here.

Cassidy Brynn said...

Damn, you hot. Your FB profile photo is awesome. The pic on this post is hot. Part my problem witj my full tgirl photos are twofold

a) i have like zero self confidence

b) i need proper lighting to really take the pic and allow it to capture me completely (thanks ANTM...reality TV can save the world)

JeanieLoveJones said...

You are beautiful and You know it!!!!
Sorry i suck at taking photos, but i tried my best! :(

i Love You with all my heart and soul!


The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

I'm a brat.
Worst, I'm a feeling age and gravity kicking in. It happens. Cover me in wrinkle cream and spin me around til I puke.