Friday, January 30, 2009

Quality Time with the Crossdresser

I'm spending more time at the office this week than I am at home. Last night I picked up a couple of bottles of champagne, chocolates, and Mr. Bubbles. Sometimes it has to be about quality not quantity. I hope our new home will have a bathtub made for two. Bubble baths are one of our favorite things to do.

Afterwards, I did Jeanie's makeup and he tried on one of the dresses I found him at Goodwill on Wednesday. I love the local Goodwill store! It's well organized and there's always sweet finds just waiting to be discovered.

This little number still had the original tags on it and I couldn't find the reason why someone discarded it unless it just didn't fit or maybe, the instinctively knew that it belonged to a Crossdresser out there...

After a couple of drag queens gave me some helpful criticism, I have tried to apply Jeanie's make up in darker shades. I was always taught that was a no-no; you are supposed to try to apply a really close match to the natural skin tone but I'm learning those rules don't apply to Jeanie. I've been playing around with pancake make up but last night I used concealer around the jawline and lips and I tried out a foundation he had called Cool Match by Rimmel. I liked the texture and it was easy to apply. I never use sponges. I don't think you get a good even application with them. Fingertips just work better.

The eyes are still a touchy point. It gets easier each time, but someone coming at your eye with a wand is unnerving and I have yet to apply eyeliner and mascara flawlessly. I keep trying.

I hope to make some videos over the weekend. I asked him if I could post a few of my favorites and he said of course so maybe I'll do that soon.

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Chloe said...

Hey, very cool Video! Loved the outfits too - keep making the magic hon!