Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This One..Is Not Like The Others

Jeanie tells me I'm a rare find.

I say I'm not when all the while I know that I am.

When I met and fell in love with The Cross dresser, I tried to learn everything there was to know about him and others like him. I also wanted to know more about women like me: women who loved cross dressers. I only found women who loved cross dressers but not the cross dressing. They spoke of cross dressing much the way I would react to finding Jeanie in bed with a man. Horror. Rage. Disappointment that they're mates aren't normal as if normal is a good thing. I dated normal and normal bored me to pieces. Only in Jeanie have I found true completion emotionally, physically, sexually. Surely I can't be the only one and yet, I've yet to find anyone who shares my love for men in dresses.

I was so excited when I read rave reviews about My Husband Betty. I ordered the book right away and barely got it home before I dove into the pages seeking to find a kind of shared experience from similar sisters. Instead I put it on the book shelf only half read because it mostly spoke of cross dressing as a debilitating disease. The best part of the book seems to be the hot CD on the cover. Maybe one day I'll dare to read the rest but for now I accept that I'm living an authentic life without any kind of guide or road map. There are no rules. There's just me and Jeanie.

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Diane S. Frank said...

I'll be pointing Helen to your Blog, and she in turn may be able to link you other women who are more like you. Helen enjoyed Betty's crossdressing, it's the ongoing transition that's hard. You've said nothing about hormones or surgery. There was a woman similar to you mentioned in the book...she died of breast cancer a couple of years ago. As for whether crossdressing is a debilitating disease- it can be. And the hot CD on the cover? That's Betty. I think I'll follow your blog- the question of whether a domme/sub relationship can be a real relationship has interested me for a while...but it's hard to find examples. The few people I know are so caught up in their 'lifestyle' that they view the rest of the world in a strange manner, sort of like how someone in Amway or any other multilevelmarketing organization starts to view everyone as a potential downline or customer.