Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making my Boyfriend Dress Like A Boy

While the south isn't exactly known for its diversity, Jeanie claims that he feels more comfortable being himself here than in New York. I think that's because there are no rules governing his identity outside of his native land of Long Island. He's not going to run into an old roommate or an Auntie here that only knew him when his hair was short and shirts were striped and whitey tighties were the only thing in his underwear drawer.

We get looks when I do his hair and makeup and put him in girl clothes for a day of shopping but no one points or stares or makes remarks that could sting and hurt my sensitive one. I prefer the company of The Boys; a vast group of confirmed bachelors that allow me to be Queen at every party and get together. They understand me. They get me. They know I am not different; I'm just a drag queen in a woman's body. Walking in with an Amazon on my arm didn't raise an eyebrow. They embraced him as my "other" and only questioned if they could still grab me from behind and make out with me when they wanted. Of course! That's not sexual. That's just instant gratification; that's just love. Love, Love, Love!!!!

It's wonderful to introduce Jeanie to a world where he is free to wear a dress outside of his bedroom making you tube videos as his only social outlet.

I wish that we were going to David an Mark's tonight instead of to my company function. Even a boring night at the club would be better. I feel guilty making him put on a suit or spending money on a new shirt and tie when I could have bought him a pair of stripper shoes. It will feel funny to take the time to carefully apply make up and hairspray and clothes and not do the same for Jeanie.

Of course, a good girlfriend knows how to repay a cross dresser. When we get home tonight I'll strip him out of those boy clothes, put him in a pink nightie and drag him by his pony tail into my bed where I'll do the things that make him giggle and squeal like a naughty cheerleader whose parents are out of town.

Give and take. Take and give. It's a good life, really.

An authentic life of my own design.

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