Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Today I finish my work week, and I'm off until April 6th. It's kind of a vacation but kind of not. It's not like when I went to Orlando last year for a week revolving around relaxing and fun. There's an agenda.
We are helping Cousin David and Mark move to Virginia. I think I've been in denial that they are really leaving. They've been my constant for so long that if I really thought about it I would scream and claw at my face. At best, most people are a distraction; nick-knacks that take up space where space is needed. True friends are a rare gift. The boys are the truest of friends. In my life they've been The Scarecrow and The Tinman...not sure that we ever ran into The Lion but that's real life for ya. For years they've kept me company, talked me off ledges, ignored my bad behavior, wiped my snotty nose, celebrated my successes,close calls and mistakes. They helped fix what was broken, rearranged furniture, made sure every party had a theme and never apologized for leaving body hair in my bathtub. They were by my side when The Crossdresser walked into my life and they fell in love as well. Happily Ever after. New Beginnings. At least we have phone calls and emails and visits to plan.
Helping them move is the least I can do for two I'm forever indebted to and besides, it's on the way to New York. A good coincidence, I suppose. My ex-husband has loaned me his big tough pick up truck and we'll move the rest of Jeanie's incidentals though the trip is mostly about Jeanie walking his Baby Sister down the aisle on her big white day. I've been moaning about it all week. Life is real enough without discovering that he really comes from some place; that he isn't just a manifestation created as a token of God's favor for me. He existed long before we met and now I must become familiar with that far away place. With that place comes a Mother and a broody moody bunch of sisters and it's no secret that I get along with females less than well. Despite my handicap, I doubt that they will even notice. I'm Southern and they are not even familiar enough with Southerners to know that we are pleasant, gracious, and kind in all situations. I will not bother to explain that Southerners are forced to be charming or face a death that will later look like an accident. Cruelty veiled in charm! It's a beautiful, twisted thing.
I thought to leave the packing to Jeanie but he scared me with the words, "There's a washer and dryer..." I need style and variety! I will not be up for meeting strangers if I'm not perfectly attired. What girl is?
I am not sure what kind of Internet access will be available to me, and maybe that's just as well. I think it's sometimes a good thing to just leave all forms of communication with the familiar at least for a few days. I"m looking forward to hunting down new treasures, placing my thoughts on pages not screens and diving into my latest book titled "Suits Me" -the story of Billy Tipton who lived, loved and performed for the world as a man but was later discovered to be a woman but only after death. It's an intriguing read I highly recommend.
Today I'm going to tie up all the loose ends at work, research all the places of interest on Long Island, and send out a token of affection to a Blogger I absolutely adore named Chrissie. She's a fascinating read and a doting email friend. If I ever make my way across the pond to visit my fair sister, I am going to meet Chrissie. I just have to. She's so lovely!


Chrissie said...

Y'all take care on that road trip, darlings.

Luv chrissie

ps. Miss Vera's book now posted.

Stephanie said...

Did someone say, 'Road Trip'! That would be just what I need right now. And Patty Lou is off work tomorrow. Hmmm... Pack the ice chest with pops and balogna sandwiches, take along a green leafy substance, so the sandwich tastes even better, (sorry Girlfriend, you only get the sandwich!) and drive, no destination in mind, but drive. We haven't done that in a long time, (price of gas) that's just what we'll do! Thanks for the idea! Hugs

Lynn Jones said...

I hope the trip goes well!