Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Call Me Winehouse

It's one thing to fear being exposed.
Knowing that you've been exposed it's another thing all together.
Last night my girlfriend Manji called a few times but I had turned my phone off.
This morning I learned from our mutual friend Nancy it was because she had heard through a coworker who doesn't even work on the same campus as I do that I had flunked my drug test! Talk about paranoid! I found myself reading into every look, gesture and comment that was made in my general direction. I was told that Human Resources was out of the office and felt convinced that this was the only reason I had not been confronted and had not been fired.

I didn't relax until around one when Adam picked me up for our weekly lunch date. Adam and I met when I was seventeen and he was four. We fell in love with one another immediately. He's grown into such an amazing person. We're always sharing new books and movies and music and food....Adam is a total foodie. Finding great new places to dine is his favorite thing to do. Today we had lunch at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. He tried his best to reassure me that I was fine by putting his general psychic spin to it by saying, "I just don't feel anything negative coming your way over this. I don't see it effecting you at all." I so love him for that.

Afterwards we went to the new TJ Maxx that opened. It was in general a disappointment but I found the most beautiful Geisha doll and a cheap DVD called Trans America. If you've seen this and it's horrible, don't tell me. I want to curl up with Jeanie and find out for myself.

Human Resources showed up sometime after and said that the Prez had been informed of the situation. He told her that I was not to be terminated-we would work something out. Basically, I'm looking at more pee tests and meetings with dope fiends which I'll probably enjoy.

I'm so relieved. After work, I went and put my pay check in the bank. I've kinda been holding on to it as a way of not spending any of it until I knew if there would be more. Now it all seems kind of silly that I worried the way that I did but it certainly cured me of my little fondness to Mary Jane. She can go hide in the top of someone else's closet. I'm thinking Cousin David's or my Daddy's; whoever finds her first.

Now that I'm feeling secure again, I will be putting in for time off to help Cousin David move to Virginia and from there we'll be heading to New York. Jeanie's baby sister is getting married on April 4th. I've yet to meet any of Jeanie's family so it should be quite an experience. Now I can save my worry time for what will I wear to the wedding!

Thank you to those of you who crossed fingers and sent sweet messages!


Chrissie said...

Told you you'd wasted a good worry! :)

Chrissie said...

ps. Hope jeanie loves the doll..!!

Jamiegottagun said...

Too bad so many companies feel they have to play "follow the leader" and insists on the stupid things. Some of the most talented, intelligent and imaginative people I have ever met in my 14 years in the publishing industry were habitual pot smokers. I have never seen a magazine or newspaper that required drug tests of it's employees, and the reason is that owners and publishers know they will be missing out on some of the most creative people out there. Someday maybe the Fortune 500 will figure out the same thing.

Cassidy Brynn said...

I'm thrilled nothing came of this. I hate those long lingering stomach eating itself anxiety stretches that make time crawl. Uggh!