Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nervous Tic Motion

I didn't think it would take me this long to make my way back.
We're all moved in but my thoughts aren't unpacked.
I made Jeanie put all his butch clothes in the spare bedroom we've turned into an Internet cafe we refer to as the man room. A metro sexual man room, mind you.
When he comes home from work he takes girly clothes into the boy closet and changes there.
Tonight he has on this pink hooded sweater and little booty pants that are stamped "SPOIL ME" across his sweet bottom but I look over and all I see is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that beard and his loose hair. I've been seeing that a lot lately not that I mind it's just my sick twisted need to bring the cross up in my bedroom. I don't know when it started but it's entirely unfresh and dated, that I can tell you with accuracy.
I live with a crossdresser and a teenager but it doesn't mean I understand either archetype. I am finding that they share a great deal in common with Sadie and Sirena, our beaded ladies: they whine a lot and just when you think you've taught them better, they've left prizes where you're least likely to find them. They are also kind and pleasing and never question that I'm in charge and that's insane if you know me at all but I refuse to teach them better on all things.
I was born under the Sitting Buddha which means I must learn everything on my own and teach it to others but somethings I just won't give up. You better steal it 'cause I'm not giving it away like Ledbelly said to the White Devils.
I'm glad that people don't ask me what I did last night. I hate to lie and I'd have to tell them that I shaved Jeanie from head to toe. I love to do this. My Matt says "Jeanie is just your living doll" and he's right. I love to dress him up and pull his strings. I know to touch him cause it's just like I touched my girlfriends when my sexual preferences were a bit more out of focus but is that true? Back then I went out on dates all prim and proper and later I would be a dirty girl with my best friends. Isn't that what I still do on some levels? Am I a lesbian? Am I straight? Am I bisexual? Am I trisexual? I don't know. It's not clear-ask later.
Today this hot young caramel girl let me know that if I was interested, she was interested but I'm not really interested. I think she's beautiful and that. I'm just not into her like that or into any girl like that really. I am so in love with the whole duality I find in Jeanie. He's like the whole package for yours nasty naughty nickled out truly.
Have you ever known of a female polygamist? I'd like a whole house full of Jeanies 'cause I'm selfish like that.
I'm going back to unpacking my thoughts...


jeanie said...

i love You!


Sonora Sage said...

The female form of polygamy is known as polyandry and although relatively uncommon, is found in a few cultures.

But you might not want to move to the Brazilian jungle. :-)

Cassidy Brynn said...

Don't move to the jungle...then it would take months between posts...

Cassidy Brynn said...

Out of curiosity were you quoting Andrew Bird in your post title?