Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ever since I made Jeanie put on that french maid uniform and wash walls, he's been on a strange trip of submissive bliss.
I can't complain.
He's the perfect mingle of love slave, housewife and pet.
As work has taken unpredictable turns, Jeanie has been a constant steady stream of obedience and adoration.
When I'm at work fetching this and that for my boss, I wonder if he'd ever guess that at home, I never fetch anything.
Today he's wearing a tight t-shirt and slingy girl jeans while he awaits Cousin David's arrival. He's coming over to take out a tree that's been dead and gone for who knows how long.
It's a creepy tree and I'm glad to watch it go.
Cousin David is always looking out for us girls.

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Cassidy Brynn said...

Boo to the creepy tree! Yay to the submissive bf!