Monday, March 16, 2009


I think Jeanie is depressed.
He got laid off today.
I'm not upset about it all.
His bills are minimum and I can pick up all the household stuff.
Maybe now New York will grant him unemployment.
That would be really sweet.
It does seem a little tight for us this week.
On Friday I had to sign my soul away and agree to rehab.
My evaluation is tomorrow.
The upfront costs are squeezing me until next pay day.
No one other than Human Resources has said anything to me.
My boss T didn't learn about it until Friday.
His response to HR was "I just want it to go away"
He's spoiled on all of my good nature and wit.
I got to move into my new space at work.
Away from the sales agents, I get lots more done.
I had to pick out furniture for the new reception area.
I love color and I'm wondering if I picked wrong.
All I know is it's contemporary and beat the alternatives.
I hear Jeanie....


Chrissie said...

I think jeanie needs a hug, Joni..


The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Oh Chrissie..I do more than hug Sweet Jeans!

Cassidy Brynn said...

Holy Shite! Damn. That sucks. My heart is aching for you both right now. That is a psychic hole. Damn. Keep the computer off for a few days and when you turn it on people are hurting...sending positive vibes your way...



Lynn Jones said...

I hope things pick up soon!